Frequently Asked Questions

Client questions/answers

To post a Translation Job you'll first need to register on the ChineseWisper and create a client profile, there is no cost to register or create new jobs. If you have a Facebook, Google or Twitter account you can use your account to complete a quick and easy registration, if not don't worry it's quick and easy to create a new account and only needs your email address and a user name and password to get started. Once registered you will receive a registration email to activate your account from which you can update additional profile information.
Once logged into your Client account click on 'Post a Job'. You will be asked for a Translation Job Summary description and a detailed description of the document Translation you require. You will be able to upload the document and the ChineseWisper website will automatically count the number of words to be Translated in the Document. You can either mark the document as confidential (only visible to the Translator that you award the job too) or non confidential which means it's available to all Translators to view before viewing and accepting open Job's. Timeline, Currency, Languages and Category are all pre-populated but can be changed if required. There is also an option to request a Certified Translation , this option is defaulted to No as most will not require certified Translations.
Once you have created a Translation Job it will appear in your 'My Jobs' view. Here you can view the current status of the Job and make changes to the Job at any time if required. Once created the job is available to qualified Translators bids for your job, as job bids are received these will show in your 'My Jobs' view. You can review each Translator who has placed a bid for the work to see if they meet your expectations in terms of feedback ratings, price and experience etc. Once you have identified your preferred Translator for the Job you can either award the Job or discuss further with preferred Translator before finally awarding them the Job if you are happy to proceed. Once you have Awarded a Job to a Translator the status changes and awaits Acceptance from the Translator. Once the Translator accepts the awarded job ths translation commences. Only when you award the Job are you prompted for Payment and this amount is held by ChineseWisper in Escrow until you confirm the Translation has been completed to your satisfaction. Once Completed the funds move from Escrow to the Translator for Payment.
When a Translation job has been completed by the Translator, the Job status is updated to show submitted and the completed Translated document is available to view in your My Job view. You can review and either Message the Translator if you have any questions, Accept the job if you are satisfied or raise a dispute if you are not satisfied.
ChineseWisper specialize in English to Chinese and Chinese to English translation only.
ChineseWisper is very selective about which Translators we allow to register. Only suitably qualified Translators who upload formal translation qualifications are able to register and bid on jobs. Once registered each translator profile, supporting uploaded qualifications & certifications are reviewed. Only if the Translator passes the screening process is their account is activated.
Yes, there is no charge to list a new Translation job, just create the job and await bid's, in effect these are live quotes. Based on these you can decide whether you wish to proceed further or not, there is no obligation to award a job.
ChineseWisper accepts all major credit cards using the Stripe secure payment gateway including Visa, MasterCard and American Express.
Yes ChineseWisper provides a secure message gateway that facilitates two way communication at all times between the Client and the Translator.
Yes, the charges are based on total word count or fixed price for the whole job. You only need to create separate jobs if each document has different requirements in terms of time frame to complete or category's etc.
You can login to ChineseWisper or create an account without paying for anything. It is only when you wish to have a translation completed that you will need to pay for it through Stripe's integrated secure payment platform. If you are a frequent user of Chinese Wisper, rather than having to create individual payments for each Job you can credit your account with a larger single sum of money that can be used to draw down against for awarded jobs.
ChineseWisper connects human translators with clients. Translations are done by humans and not machines, making the difference of quality and coherence very visible when compared with free automated systems available online. This is even more important for English to Chinese translations where often there is no direct Chinese translation for the English word
ChineseWisper brings together translators and customers online while cutting out the middleman to offer our customers the best possible rates available in the marketplace through a competitive bid process. We use only professional translators and though prices are low, quality remains high. We do not have the same cost overheads as a traditional Translation company that has a physical building and staff overheads.
The documents uploaded for translation can either be viewed by all our translators or can be marked confidential when creating a new job, which limits visibility to only yourself and the translator you award the job too. No documents are available to be viewed by non registered users.
All feedback is optional, ChineseWisper uses all Customer feedback to grade each Translator with an overall feedback rating so that prospective customers can take feedback ratings into consideration when awarding jobs.
Please do not hesitate to send us your questions using the 'Contact Us' form using the link on the website footer, we look forward to hearing from you.

Translators questions/answers

To view and bid on Translation Job's you'll first need to register on the ChineseWisper website, there is no cost. If you have an existing Facebook, Google or Twitter account you can also use this to complete a quick and easy registration, if not don't worry it's quick and easy to create a new account and only needs your email address, user name and a password to get started. You will also be prompted to upload a copy of your Translation qualification, note : you can not progress registration without uploading a qualification document. Once registered you will receive a registration email to activate your account from which you will be required to update additional profile information. The ChineseWisper administrator will review your profile and uploaded qualification, if satisfactory your registration will be be approved. You can then view and bid on new Jobs that match your profile.
There are two ways in which you can receive jobs on ChineseWisper, you can bid on jobs directly and be awarded the job or you may be sent a message directly by a client that found your profile in Translator search.
Within ChineseWisper you can search new Jobs using a number of different search criteria. ChinesWisper will also pro-actively alert you if a Job is listed that matches your requirements.
When you create a new profile you will be asked to set a default per word translation rate. This per word rate is used by ChinesWisper to automatically multiply by the total number of words in the uploaded translation document for each translation job created, when you bid on a job ChinesWisper will show you the total job cost calculated using your per word translation rate multiplied by the number of words to be translated. You can either choose to use this total or you can adjust up or down depending on overall description/complexity of the job and then submit your Job bid to the Client. Once the job is awarded to you the agreed bid amount is deducted from the Client and held in Escrow pending completion of the Job and Acceptance by the Client. Once Accepted Job is marked as completed and payment is credited to your ChinesWisper account. When bidding on a job ChineseWisper shows you your bid price and also how much will be paid to you on acceptance of the Transation by the Client.
ChineseWisper uses Translators feedback to grade each Client with an overall feedback rating so that Translators can take feedback ratings into consideration when bidding o a new job.