What We Do


Chinese Wisper is an Online cloud based Document Translation platform that uses Technology to make it easier, quicker and cheaper to get documents Translated from English to Chinese.

We provide an online Marketplace where Clients can create new Translation job’s and upload documents (private or public) for qualified freelance Translators to review and place job bid’s on. Clients are not charged anything until they award a job to a Translator and the Job fee is held in Escrow until completed Job is accepted by the Client.

Clients can review Job bid’s along with a Translator profile’s and feedback before awarding the Translation Job based on either Translator feedback, best price, experience or a combination of all.

Each Translator can set a per word rate that the website uses to automatically uses to calculate a suggested job rate based on the total number of words in the document to be translated, the Translator can either use this calculated Job rate when bidding on a job or adjust up or down to reflect complexity of the job or discussion with a Client.


The website secure Chat function provides a mechanism for Clients and Translators to chat with each other.


Once the Translation has been completed the Translator uploads the document to the website for the Client to view/download. Once the Client accepts the completed Job payment to the Translator is made.


Upon completion of jobs both the Client and Translator can provide a feedback rating and score which is available for all users of the website to see.