Who We Are


Al was born and raised in the United Kingdom and grew up in the vibrant multi-cultural town of Brighton, prior to migrating to New Zealand 20 years ago. It’s in Brighton where he was first introduced to the Southern Chinese Martial Art of Wing Chun which inspired him to learn more about the Chinese Culture and Traditions. Little did he imagine that one day he would be the co-founder of a successful Online Chinese Translation Company “Chinese Wisper”. 


Originally from China Hubei Province, Lu was born in a teachers’ family. She studied International Finance at Wuhan University and commenced a career in financial services. After migration to New Zealand in 1995, she worked in sales and marketing, later becoming the general manager of a Chinese Media Group in New Zealand. 


Through her work, Lu has seen an increasing demand for Chinese-English translation Services. Maybe it’s a New Zealand Business seeking to reach out to 200,000 Chinese residents or 40,000 student’s living in New Zealand, an exporter wanting to build a brand profile and engage directly with customers in China or a tourism operator seeking a share of 400,000 chinese tourists visiting New Zealand. It is critical to have documents accurately translated from English into chinese language that can help presentation as well as online/offline marketing.


With 30 years of IT and management experience in large corporate companies, it only took a romantic summer afternoon walk in Devonport for Al to come up with the solution - an online translation marketplace directly connecting clients and translators. The name idea of "Chinese Wisper" came about by recognising the language barrier between Chinese and English allows for several possible translation outcomes. All of which may be correct, but each is eminently different, due to contrasting understandings.


All Chinese Wisper translators are qualified and work in their mother tongue, they have learned the craft of translation and how-to convey not only the meaning of the source text but also the tone and intention. Accuracy is the key, so is linguistic and cultural competence. Translators who are experts in their language and their industry sector, who have passed the translation tests and have minimum 3 years’ experience in the field will undoubtedly give you more confidence in your translation. 


Our experience and scale gives us the capability to deliver value globally to our customers across a wide variety of industry sectors.